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Pack your bags,
we’re going to Camp Kolman

Fun and drunken outdoor activities await 

Drunken Color Wars

The summer camp experience is not complete without color wars, but this time we are old enough to be wasted.

Get Ready for...

Skinny Dipping*

Bring a bathing suit or not, it's going to be a bit cold out but the water is going to be hot.


*Clothing is highly recommended  


Get your grill on, we will make a comical amount of food. 

It helps soak up the beer.

Camp Fires

Kick back at one of the many fire pits, or if you don't wanna relax try and jump over it*. It's your move. 

*We are not responsible for injury

The Sweat Lodge

Sweat out the booze, and relax your sore old back in one of our "Campgrounds" hot tubs or sauna. 

Movie Lounge

When you want to wind down from the outdoor activities, kick back in the theater.  

The "Campgrounds"

There is no getting homesick here


The important info

Thomas Kolman's Bachelor Party

May 4-7, 2023

Check-in 5:00 pm

The Glen House

42 Wilderness Dr. 

Newry, Maine 

A group chat will be made to RSVP'ed guests to help get everything in order 

Questions about our party?
Just ask our Camp Director Chris 

Thanks for submitting!

Campfire Songs

Throw some jams on the weekend playlist.

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